More than a week after he mysteriously disappeared, police are still trying to figure out what happened to a renowned chef and father of three.

Jonathan Herder Gushue, a chef at Cambridge’s prestigious Langdon Hall restaurant, was last spotted leaving Toronto’s Park Hyatt Hotel on New Year’s Eve.

The 41-year-old’s family told police he had gone missing once before several years ago when he failed to contact relatives for several days.

But while his family is concerned, police still say there is no reason to believe that foul play is involved in Gushue’s disappearance.

“At the present time there is no indication that there has been any foul play or that there’s any immediate danger to Mr. Gushue that we’re aware of,” said Olaf Heinzel, a public affairs coordinator for Waterloo Regional Police, in an interview with CP24. “But that’s part of the reason why we go public with these types of cases, to try and garner information from anyone who may have heard or seen anything.”

While a tip from the public has helped investigators find Gushue’s car in Toronto, police are remaining tight-lipped about the circumstances and location where it was found for the time being.

Police are asking Gushue or anyone with information about him to contact police to let them know of his whereabouts.

In the meantime the Camridge restaurant where he worked has also expressed concern for his safety.

“We do hope that the added media attention and social media will assist in locating his whereabouts and bring him home to his family,” spokesperson Jessica Pearce said in an email.

Pearce said Gushue showed up for work as usual on Dec. 29 and had his regular day off on Dec. 30. However he failed to show up for the restaurant’s New Year’s Eve Gala, alerting them to the fact something was not right.

The restaurant said Chef David Sider is filling in for Gushue while he is missing.