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Ankle-deep water at downtown Toronto building after pipe burst: Toronto Fire

A pipe burst in a 35-storey building in downtown Toronto on Tuesday evening, flooding one floor with ankle-deep, sudsy water.

Video obtained by CTV News Toronto shows a 12th-floor unit filled with foam that has spilled into the hallway.

Toronto Fire Services said the "significant leak" was caused by a broken pipe on that floor of 126 Simcoe Street.

"We just heard a bang and then like water gushing, and walked out, and the like was just spitting out a lot of soapy water," one resident told CTV News Toronto.

One group of friends who were playing FIFA inside the building at the time said the pipes suddenly "exploded."

"There was a loud BZZZ. So I looked at him, I'm like, 'Bro, like, what's happening?'" one said. "So we both stood up, and water was just like dripping from the microwave, from the lights, from like any place in anywhere you expect water to drip from."

Toronto Fire said several floors below were also affected, with water dripping down the stairwell. The elevators were taken out of service as a result.

"Walking up the stairs, I think everybody had a similar experience. There's just water pouring down the stairs as you walk up," another resident said.

A handyman told CTV News Toronto the problem was a failure with the heat pump.

No injuries have been reported.

With files from CTV News Toronto's Natalie Johnson Top Stories

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