The Toronto District School Board has rejected a plan that would have seen certain parcels of playgrounds sold off in order to finance capital repairs amid a budget shortfall.

In a 15-7 vote late Wednesday, trustees rejected a capital plan that would have seen chunks of land sold from 127 schools in order to ease the impact of a capital spending freeze imposed by the province.

The board had agreed to study a plan for selling off portions of playground lands last June, setting a target of $100 million.

The plan angered some parents who spoke to CTV earlier in the week.

But the move now leaves uncertainty about where the cash-strapped board will find money to fix a number of schools in dire need of repairs.

Prior to the vote, Director of Education Chris Spence posted on his Twitter account that β€œsevering land is one of very few options available to raise money for renewal.”

Following the meeting Wednesday night, a number of trustees who voted in favour of the plan expressed concern about where the money will come from.

β€œOn behalf of our #TDSB students who need builds for Sep 2013 in the capital plan that you put on hold... Please end the pause,” Trustee Shelley Laskin posted on her Twitter page.

A spokesperson for Education Minister Laurel Broten said despite the vote, work is ongoing with the TDSB and the ministry in order to find a way forward.

The board did not rule out revisiting the plan to sever lands at a later date.