TORONTO - Thousands of union members from across the province are set arrive in Toronto today to stage what they say will be a massive protest at the Ontario Liberal leadership convention.

The Ontario Federation of Labour says 131 buses have been booked to bring in teachers, other union members and their supporters for an afternoon march to the convention at the former Maple Leaf Gardens.

The labour group says more than 100 unions and community organizations are expected to attend and show opposition to Bill 115 and budget cutbacks by the Liberal government.

The protest today is billed as the main event for union members to send a message to delegates and leadership hopefuls.

Delegates arriving at the convention on Friday night got a taste of what may be in store today, as more than 100 protesters thronged the sidewalk outside the convention site, slowing down the delegates as they made their way inside.

OFL President Sid Ryan says the afternoon protest will include students, environmentalists, Aboriginals and other groups angry at the government.