An unflattering image showing a partially-collapsed home has been removed after Internet users complained about it being the top image when “Scarborough” was searched on Google

When users typed in “Scarborough” in the search engine on Tuesday, the image appeared at the top of the page beside a map of the area. The image originates from a news article posted in February.

People took to social media to complain about the photograph, saying that it “doesn’t accurately depict” the neighbourhood.

"Was kinda hoping to see a picture of the bluffs or the zoo but ok," one user posted to Reddit posted about the photo.

The following day, Toronto Mayor John Tory posted to Twitter saying that he hopes Google “will shake up its algorithm.”

By Wednesday afternoon, the image had been removed from the search engine’s “images” section.Tory thanked Google for taking "quick action"

The top images on Google are selected by a computer algorithm.

The lead image for other neighbourhoods and cities in the Greater Toronto Area show picturesque skylines or tourist attractions.