TORONTO -- Two mothers in the High Park-Roncesvalles area are speaking out about what they say is a growing problem of vehicles illegally parking on sidewalks.

Kerstin Mulfinger said she is frustrated and fed up with delivery and construction workers parking on the sidewalk instead of looking for a spot nearby.

Every day she walks her six-year-old son to and from school in the area, and said it’s not uncommon to come across vehicles blocking pedestrians.

“I think a lot of times they are lazy and it’s unfortunate they don’t consider the pedestrians [they are] putting in danger,” Mulfinger said Friday, speaking to CTV News Toronto.

The mother has been documenting the problem over the past six months and believes more drivers are doing it.

She said the problem is even worse when it’s dark outside or when there’s snow on the ground. She said sometimes it happens when a spot is available just a few metres away.

Amy Eakins, a mother of two who lives nearby, said she’s been encountering the same issue and has also been taking photos as evidence. She uses a stroller to push one child and has to keep an eye on her toddler while walking in the area.

Eakins decided to take a photo after she saw a driver appear to make an arrogant shrug.

“[He] implied his job was more important than the safety of myself and my two kids,” she said.

The city of Toronto tells CTV News Toronto illegally parking is dangerous and it has increased penalties for stopping and parking violations.

Mulfinger hopes by speaking out, drivers will change their behaviour.

“I think the drivers should be made aware that people behind the truck are not being seen, imagine they are pushing the stroller into oncoming traffic,” she said.

CTV News Toronto reached out to Parkdale-High Park Councillor Gord Perks and Toronto police about the issue and is waiting for a response.