In a bid to find a "better way," as its slogan goes, the Toronto Transit Commission is testing out a new numerical signage system on its subway routes.

The Yonge-University-Spadina line will be referred to on signs and maps as Line 1, and the Bloor-Danforth line will be referred to as Line 2.

The change, which was proposed to the City of Toronto in October was rolled out at the Bloor-Yonge Station this weekend.

The change, which was supported by the TTC Board is part of a gradual shift that may eventually see all the lines go from its current road-based naming system to a numerical one.

  • The Scarborough RT line will be referred to on signs and maps as Line 3
  • The Sheppard line will be Line 4

In many larger cities, such as New York and Paris, where subways lines are often more complicated, subway routes are identified by numbers.

According to the TTC, a numerical system allows for a "simple, non-fussy approach" to customer communication, that also emphasizes the existing colour-code system.

"This is about navigating the system, making it easy to get around: not for our everyday users who know how to use the system and know where they're going, but for the casual rider, visitors to the city and for those whose first language is not English," Ross told CTV Toronto in October.

The TTC had said the new signage will stand side-by-side with existing signs, without "conflict or confusion," to allow for gradual roll-out of the change. If all goes well, the TTC said St. George Station will be updated in the coming months before the numerical system is rolled out to the entire system.