Bad customer service was a common complaint raised on Sunday as angry TTC riders met with the transit union for the final of three forums aimed at improving service.

Organized by the TTC's Amalgamated Transit Union, the forums are an effort to reach out to riders who have become increasingly frustrated with riding Toronto's busses, streetcars and subways.

Among those who came to the meeting was Ray Nemard, who said that a TTC operator uttered a racial slur at him more than five years ago.

Since then, Nemard said that he filed a human rights complaint and discovered that the same employee has 16 other complaints against him.

Still, the employee hasn't been fired, Nemard said.

"What is the problem with employees? Why is it they are lashing out at the public?" asked Nemard.

Union boss Bob Kinnear has received an earful in recent months, especially after photos surfaced of a ticket collector sleeping on the job.

Still, Kinnear said that staff are trying their best to improve service. But he said that many of the complaints, such as the fare hikes, are beyond the union's control.

Despite the complaints, the TTC had 10 million more annual rides this year than they expected, meaning the service now has a surplus of $21 million.

Officials will talk about putting that money back into service improvements in the coming weeks.

Kinnear added that with city elections fast approaching, additional transit funding will be a major issue.