The trial for a Toronto police officer charged with sexually assaulting a stripper and pointing his firearm at her began on Tuesday.

Prosecutors allege Const. Joseph Green, an eight-year veteran, committed the acts inside a downtown strip club in October 2004.

Green was on duty and in uniform when he entered For Your Eyes Only, on King Street West near Bathurst Street, court heard.

The complainant testified on Tuesday that she and the officer had met at least twice before and had talked at great length. On the night of the incident, she said she greeted him with a double kiss.

Moments later, the constable asked if she had had her breasts augmented, and then touched her breasts without consent, said the stripper, who cannot be identified under a publication ban.

When the dancer objected, Green began playing with his zipper and said, "We can make it even," the stripper testified.

The woman told the court that when she said no, the officer pulled out his police-issued handgun, pointed it at her and said, "What's with the attitude?"

"The next thing I knew, I was staring down the barrel of a gun," the stripper testified, before weeping in the witness stand.

"I was scared, really scared -- I went into shock."

The dancer said the incident left her feeling disgusted and violated.

After an investigation, Green was charged with sexual assault and two firearms offences. He has pleaded not guilty to all three charges.

Green's lawyer, Gary Clewley, said his client was at the strip club for a "legitimate purpose," but said he would let Green explain that in his testimony.

After being charged, the officer had his firearm taken away and he was reassigned to desk duties.

With a report from CTV's Chris Eby