A Toronto-bound VIA Rail train arrived at its final destination a full day behind schedule after a sudden spring storm caused a 24-hour delay in rural Saskatchewan.

The passenger train, called The Canadian, was en route from Vancouver Thursday when it was forced to stop near Tako, a community located approximately 190 kilometres west of Saskatoon, after heavy snowfall blocked rail lines.

The weather created havoc for CN freight trains on the line, which in turn triggered a domino effect, and forced the train bound for Toronto to a standstill.

About 154 passengers were stuck on the train when it stopped in Saskatchewan. It was cleared for travel on Friday.

Lugging bags into the arrivals area at Union Station Saturday, delayed passengers said they were relieved the train journey was over.

Of the 99 passengers on the train when it arrived in Toronto, 72 had been aboard since Saskatchewan.

“I’m glad to be here, I’ve been on the train since Tuesday,” one passenger told CTV News.

Dan Cuthbert, who had been waiting to board the train in Winnipeg, said the delay was not properly communicated.

“It was 30 hours late but you didn’t know,” he said. “So you’re at the station throwing your bag off and then it was four hours, four hours, four hours.”

Passengers said they kept their spirits high during the delay, turning to creative activities to pass the time.

Travelling with a guitar, Joanna Chapman-Smith said she wrote a song about the ordeal.

In a statement, VIA Rail said the company assisted in providing alternative travel arrangements for those who required it. Passengers are also being offered meal vouchers for eateries inside Union Station, and travel fare reimbursements.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Ashley Rowe