Toyota, one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, is struggling to keep some of its customers happy following a parts backlog that has some owners waiting months to get their cars repaired. 

Toronto resident, Janna Costanzo, said she was in a crash in August, and was shocked when a repair shop said it couldn’t replace two doors on her RAV4 SUV because parts were unavailable.

“The repair shops said ‘you are out of luck. There are other people who have been waiting since May, June and July. It’s not just you,’” Costanzo said.

Her husband, Mauro Curti, said the repair shop blamed the shortage on Toyota Canada’s delivery systems.

“There is a reasonable expectation that when you take a car to a body shop they are going give you an estimated time when it will be ready, but that's not the case here and I'm blown away" Curti said.

The family said they were also surprised that they were not provided a rental vehicle. They said they were told that it was because their SUV is not in a repair shop and is in a drivable condition.

But the family said they are concerned that the damaged vehicle may not be safe for their two young children.

Toyota Canada told CTV News it's overhauling and modernizing its systems that deal with replacing parts, which has led to the parts shortage.

"We are encountering some delays in parts deliveries … Our team has been working around the clock, and on weekends to catch up, and we're definitely seeing significant progress,” a spokesperson for the company said.

Toyota says parts are making their way through the system, but added that it will take time to make all its deliveries.

“Over the past few days, we’ve been shipping parts in record volumes,” the spokesperson said.

Curti said he’s been frustrated by the lack of communication throughout the process.

“I would like Toyota to reach out, and provide some sort of information, some sort of timeline [on] when we can expect to get parts to repair our SUV," Curti said.

Customers who are waiting for parts have been encouraged to reach out to their dealer or call Toyota’s customer service centres at 1-888-TOYOTA8 or 1-800-26LEXUS.