With an action plan in place and the machinery ready to go, the City of Toronto is all geared up to take on the winter weather. All they need now is snow.

“We didn’t have as severe a winter last time around, but we are prepared for whatever comes our way this season,” said Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, chair of the Public Works and Infrastructure committee.

According to a press release, the city is armed with a fleet of 600 snow plows, 300 sidewalk plows and 200 salt trucks.

“Our number one priority is to keep the main roads clear for emergency and TTC vehicles,” said Minnan-Wong.

When snowfall reaches 2.5 centimetres plows are sent out to the expressways. When snow reaches five centimetres plows go to the main roads and will continue to clear the snow until the storm ends. Plows will be sent out to local roads when snow reaches eight centimetres.

A statement from the City of Toronto said snow will be cleared from sidewalks in the central core of the city and on local sidewalks (where mechanically possible) when snow has reached eight centimeters.

Another issue the City of Toronto is concerned with is broken water mains. The freezing weather and the swing in temperatures can be hard on pipes. Crews will be standing by to respond 24/7 and residents are urged to call 311 for help.

The City of Toronto said residents can do their part to help out when it comes to snow removal by avoiding parking on the street so plows can remove snow easily. Also, keep snow off the road when removing it from driveways and sidewalks is helpful in keeping the roads clear this winter.