A charity that delivers furniture to needy GTA residents has been the victim of theft for the third time in three years.

Furniture Bank’s security cameras showed people stealing the catalytic converters off some of the charity’s trucks on Friday evening.

Dan Kershaw, executive director, says it took the thieves less than half an hour to get in and get out of the charity’s parking lot in Etobicoke.

“They obviously do this a lot,” Kershaw said of the culprits. “They came in and avoided the cameras where they could.”

In fact, the security cameras were installed after the second time catalytic converters were removed from their truck fleet, Kershaw said.

The parts are worth thousands of dollars at scrap metal yards.

Furniture Bank picks up and delivers gently used items like tables, sofas and kitchen items to new Canadians, abused women and people who were homeless.

It could take weeks before the charity gets the trucks fixed.

In the meantime, Kershaw says Furniture Bank plans to continue deliveries using rented trucks --- even if means yet another financial hit.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Scott Lightfoot