TORONTO - You can still pass Go and collect your money, but you'll never land on Boardwalk in the new Canadian version of Monopoly, being released just in time for Canada Day.

Votes from across the country were tallied to determine the squares in the new game, giving patriotic players the chance to land on 22 Canadian cities.

The highest real estate squares normally occupied by Boardwalk and Park Place go to Chatham-Kent in Ontario and Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu in Quebec.

The green squares go to Calgary, Sarnia and Edmonton, while Windsor, Quebec City and Trois-Rivieres occupy the yellow, and Medicine Hat, Gatineau and Shawinigan are painted red.

Kawartha Lakes, Chilliwack and Montreal are orange, while magenta squares are allocated to Kelowna, North Bay and St. John's.

Light blue squares go to Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, while Beauceville, Que., and Banff, Alta., will have to settle for brown.

The game company Hasbro says votes were cast earlier this year to determine 20 of the spots from cities pre-selected based on population, while two wild-card spots went to Banff and Beauceville.

The popular board game was invented by Charles Darrow in 1935, and is celebrating its 75th anniversary.