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Toronto couple charged after $13M worth of drugs seized by RCMP, CBSA

A man and woman from Toronto have been charged after $13M worth of drugs were allegedly seized from their vehicle and property, police say.

On March 4, a semi-truck attempted to enter Canada at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ont., according to a release issued Wednesday by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

At first, the vehicle appeared to be carrying “a legitimate shipment of goods,” but upon further inspection, border agents discovered what they suspected to be methamphetamines hidden within the truck’s load, the release said.

Police said the driver was arrested and subsequently released.

After a joint investigation conducted by Windsor RCMP’s Border Integrity Unit and the Canadian Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) Intelligence and Enforcement Operations Division, Marvin Watson, 31, of Toronto, was arrested as the suspected organizer of the shipment.

The accused was arrested while operating a moving van at his Toronto residence. During the arrest, police said 120 kg of cocaine was seized.

His partner, Maria Kiguru, 33, also a resident of Toronto, was also arrested on suspicion of having been involved in the alleged criminal activity.

Subsequent search warrants executed on the couples’ home resulted in the seizure of 100 kgs of methamphetamine, one kilogram of opium, two kilograms of MDMA, and several kilograms of marijuana, the release stated.

Officers also found evidence of possession of proceeds of crime and money laundering, it continued.

“As a result of this investigation, RCMP and CBSA prevented 13 million dollars' worth of harmful drugs from hitting Canadian streets,” the release stated.

The couple faces ten charges total, all relating to the alleged importation and trafficking of illicit substances.

At this time, Watson remains in custody, while Kiguru has been released and awaits her next court appearance. Top Stories

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