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Tim Hortons is now serving pizza at select GTA locations


Tim Hortons is testing out some new menu ideas, adding pizza to its list of food options at select locations in a trial run.

Customers in the Greater Toronto Area may be able to try one of their new flatbread pizzas at one of 20 restaurants, a spokesperson told CTV News Toronto.

Not much is known about the new menu items, but a photo provided by the franchise shows three options. At least one appears to have pepperoni on it.

“On any given day, there are Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada running test markets to trial new ideas and menu items that we think our guests will love. It’s early days for this test market for flatbread pizzas,” a spokesperson told CTV News Toronto.

“Cheese stand-by…but if guests would like to get in on a slice of the action, they can check out one of 20 test restaurants in the GTA.”

Reaction online has been skeptical so far, with many social media users questioning the change.

“Tim Horton’s should not be selling pizza. That’s actually insane,” one person wrote.

“Pizza at Tim Hortons is something that no one expected to ever see,” another wrote.

However one person wrote on TikTok that the pizza, which a photo shows was priced around $7.99, was “pretty good” and they hope the item stays on the menu. Top Stories

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