TORONTO -- Three new coronavirus outbreaks were declared at Toronto hospitals in recent days, with several patients and staff members confirmed to be infected.

Unity Health spokesperson Robyn Cox said St. Joseph’s Health Centre now has 16 patients under treatment for COVID-19, but seven of them likely acquired their infection at the hospital.

She said an additional 13 staff members have tested positive for the virus.

The infections are linked to four units within the hospital facility: the 2L medicine unit, the 3M unit, the 2E Unit and the 4E unit.

The outbreaks first occurred in each unit between Oct. 3 and Oct. 16.

“We will be implementing widespread testing of staff and patients in the coming days,” Cox said, as well as new safety measures for staff working in clinical areas.

University Health Network says that three patients and six staff members at Toronto Western Hospital have tested positive for COVID-19 since Oct. 15.

The outbreak occurred on two units of the general internal medicine department – units 8A and 8B – in the hospital’s Fell Pavilion.

An outbreak of COVID-19 is defined in Ontario as two cases detected in any congregate setting within 14 days where those cases could have been acquired within the setting.

A Toronto Western Hospital spokesperson said additional testing of patients and staff is underway.

Meanwhile, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health confirmed on Sunday that an outbreak has been declared at its Queen Street site after two patients tested positive for COVID-19.

St. Joseph’s Health Centre

In a statement, the hospital said the cases are tied to Unit 1-4.

"CAMH has implemented standard infection prevention and control procedures for respiratory outbreaks, including closing the unit to admissions and transfers."