TORONTO -- Tech enthusiasts rejoice! The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has begun in Las Vegas and some 4,500 companies are showcasing their newest gadgets.

Here is a list of some of the highlights to expect from the three-day event:

Uber’s Air Taxi

Hyundai and Uber are teaming up to deliver flying taxis. The companies say the final product will be able to hover above congested cities and link suburbs to city centres, landing on rooftops high above crowded streets. They will be called personal air vehicles with an ability to carry four passengers in addition to a pilot, and travel of up to speeds of 300 kilometres an hour. The vehicles will also have a parachute deployment system for safe keeping in an emergency landing.

Toyota’s future city

Toyota has announced plans to build a prototype city of the future [should this be in quotations?] at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan. It will be a real world environment to test robotics, smart homes and self-driving vehicles. The car company plans to transform the 175 acre site of a former car factory into a modern community that will house up to 2,000 people. Toyota is calling the site the “Woven City” because it will have three different types of streets. One street is for fast vehicles, while the next would be for mixed use slower personal vehicles like e-bikes and scooters while the third would be for pedestrians only.

Sony rolls-out concept car

Tech giant Sony also surprised many industry watchers by unveiling an electric concept car. Some of the car’s features include automated valet parking and a set of speakers for each individual passenger. The car is only a prototype at this point, so it’s unclear if the vehicle will ever be available for purchase.

TVs of the future

TVs are big business at CES and this year was no exception. LG showed off its new range of 8K resolution television sets and rollable screens while Samsung unveiled its new TV that can actually track objects on screen and position the sound to match.

Taking out the trash with tech

While a robot that takes out the trash for you may still be a few years away, a new invention by Townew may be the next best thing. The new trashcan will seal a bag of garbage with the push of a button and even line the can with a new bag.