A dental hygiene student says she’s scrambling to figure out how she’ll prepare for her studies and an upcoming exam after her laptop was stolen at a bar in North York earlier with week.

Fenan Tesfai told CTV News Toronto she went to North Star bar and grill, near Yonge Street and Finch Avenue on Wednesday evening after school.

“My whole life is on it, schedules for schools all my class notes, everything I’ve learned, family pictures everything,” Tesfai said on Friday.

At some point while she was at the establishment, several male suspects went into her bag and took her laptop, leaving the bar with the computer hidden under their coats.

Security camera footage from the bar confirmed her account.

“I was shocked to see how fast they went to work,” Tesfai said.

Tesfai told police about the theft about 20 minutes after she realized the computer was gone.

She says “every note she’s taken in class” for the last two years of studying at the Toronto College of Dental Hygiene was on the laptop.

She said she also uses the laptop to schedule patients for the practical portion of her program.

Making matters worse, she said she has a major exam in three months and she doesn’t know how she’ll study for it without the computer.

For now, she says she’s making use of computers at her school to study, but says it’s obviously not the same without her notes.

“It was ruthless, it was just, I can't understand why they can’t get a job and buy their own laptop, just like the rest of us.”