Standing puddles of water in a crop field at the end of May is rarely a good thing.

The soggy spring conditions have Greg Downey’s strawberries behind by nearly two weeks.

The Downey family, of Downey’s Strawberry and Apple Farm, have been farming for almost a century and grow numerous crops on 215 acres of land in Caledon.

“Only 20 per cent of the crops have been planted in this entire region,” said Greg Downey.

Many farmers across southern Ontario are facing similar struggles. Wheat, soy and corn growers need an entire season for the crop to mature.

In addition to his strawberries, Downey’s field is too wet to plant pumpkin and sweet corn. Despite this, he remains optimistic.

“We need 10 days of dry and hopefully sunny weather, and things can bounce back,” he said.

Strawberry season usually lasts about three weeks and Ontario growers produce approximately 13 million pounds a year.

Downey’s Farm hopes their crop will be ready to be picked starting June 27.