Concerned parents' groups are trying to stop dozens of school closures, saying the decision-making process is outdated and unfair.

A new report from People for Education says 77 schools in Ontario are scheduled or recommended to close, with 129 under review.

A drop in the number of students and an outdated funding formula, which determines funding for schools boards based on enrolment, is being blamed.

Ontario schools have lost nearly 90,000 students in the last six years, and People for Education expects the trend to continue.

Education Action spokesperson Chris Glover told a press conference in Toronto the entire system is flawed.

"Their attempts to address the flaws in the funding formula, and their attempts to set-up a fair process have failed miserably." Glover said. "That's why we're asking for a moratorium on the closure and sale of schools until there has been a full review of the funding formula and the recommendations from that review have been implemented."

While a task force is examining the issue of falling enrolment, critics are also complaining that the decision to close some schools comes at too great a cost for students.

Gillian Santageli of Oakville Parents for Public Education, told a press conference the Halton District School Board has voted to close four of 6 schools in the area.

"The board's plan not only calls for closures, but for program and grade offerings to change at the two remaining schools," Santageli said. "Resulting in almost every student having to change schools, talk about disruptive."

The group is petitioning Ontario's Ministry of Education for a review of the planned closures, which is currently the only recourse if parents feel a school board did not follow proper procedures.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Education told CTV News no moratorium will be introduced, and that a new process was put in place in 2006 that is clear and transparent.

With files from The Canadian Press