Liberal Member of Parliament Arnold Chan will be stepping away from his parliamentary duties while seeking cancer treatment.

In a statement issued Thursday, the representative for Scarborough-Agincourt said he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer earlier this month.

The type of cancer originates in the nasopharynx, behind the nose where the nasal passages and auditory tubes connect with the respiratory tract.

Chan will be stepping away from his duties in Ottawa while undergoing treatment, but his office will continue to take calls from residents of the riding.

"While I will be taking some time away from my duties in Parliament, on the recommendation of my physicians, my passion for helping the people of Scarborough-Agincourt will not be diminished," Chan said in the statement.

The statement did not say what type of treatment Chan will receive, but the type of cancer can be treated by surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

Chan said he plans to return to Parliament once he's been treated.