The suspect in a fatal stabbing inside the city’s underground PATH system in 2015 has been found fit to stand trial, provided she continue court-ordered medical treatment.

Rohinie Bisesar, 41, has been awaiting trial in connection with the December 2015 incident.

Rosemarie “Kim” Junor, 28, was stabbed to death in a Shoppers Drug Mart in the underground PATH system two years ago on Dec. 11, 2015.

Late last year, a psychiatrist said Bisesar has schizophrenia and is psychotic, but she has repeatedly told court she does not suffer from any mental health disorder.

In her last court appearance, she maintained that she is being controlled by electronic devices that have been “implanted” inside her.

On Friday, Judge John McMahon issued an order for Bisesar to “keep fit”, meaning she is found fit to stand trial but must continue with treatment at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health until her next court appearance, scheduled for some time in April.

Her trial is slated to begin this October.