East end residents gathered in droves Sunday to protest the planned construction of a massive condo development near Victoria Park.

The residents say that the development, which would have 1450 residential units, is bad planning and will tear apart the fabric of their community.

Several hundred residents gathered at the rally, which featured several local politicians.

Mark Bender, from the Concerned Citizens of Quarry Lands Development, said that the development needs to be changed.

He said the land offers a great opportunity to create a well-planned development.

"This could be something special here," he told CTV Toronto's Chris Eby.

The 20-hectare site on Clonmore Road sits nearby a close-knit community where small streets intersect single-family homes.

Known as the Quarry Lands, the area was approved for high-density development back in 1968, when planners thought that Scarborough Expressway would cut through the area.

However, it is only recently that developers the Conservatory Group decided to construct condos in the zone. The proposal would see the area's density increase by seven-fold.

Currently, the proposal is before the Ontario Municipal Board, but residents are concerned that a zoning proposal from 40 years ago is going to dictate what happens in their neighbourhood.

The developers say that anyone who moved into the area should have inquired about the zoning. Plus, they say that the development will be set back from the road and will mesh well with the surrounding homes.

But locals hope that putting pressure on the city will force the developers to change their plans. The city currently owns a 6.5-hectare section of the land, which is currently being used as a driving range.

CTV News was unable to contact the Conservatory Group for comment on Sunday.