Wildlife removal experts were shocked to come across a rare albino raccoon pup in a litter they were asked to remove from a North Toronto home.

The find came during a routine call when wildlife removers at Anything Wild arrived at a home to transport a mother raccoon that had been spotted scurrying through a residential garage.

The crew found the raccoon and her litter. Though most raccoon pups are grey, an entirely white baby stood out.

"In the 17, 18 years I've been in the business, this is only the second one I've ever seen, so it's pretty remarkable," said Marc Broschek.

The powder-white pup was quite the find.

"We were just blown away that we saw an albino," said Broschek. "We were very happy. It was almost like a little milestone for us, as well. We love these guys."

The palm-sized pups are about two weeks old and their eyes aren't open yet.

The entire litter will be relocated to an outdoor area.

With files from CTV Toronto's Colin D'Mello