Aboriginal protesters are planning to stage blockades at major rail routes in the days leading up to the G20 summit in Toronto, CTV Toronto has learned.

It is believed that the protest will be staged on Thursday, June 24. The G20 Summit will take place in the city's core on the weekend of June 26 and 27.

Organizers from Red Power United, one of many groups planning to protest the meeting of world leaders, said the action will be called a "national day of protest."

They will be among dozens of groups rallying during the meeting.

Union members are also expected to fill the lawn at Queen's Park at a demonstration being spearheaded by the Ontario Federation of Labour. A march through the city centre will also be likely.

"We haven't yet decided the parade route," said OFL president Sid Ryan. "We will be working it out with police, but we will be marching as closely as possible to the perimeter of the security fence."

It is expected that 20,000 people could take part in the labour march, which is planned for Saturday, June 26.

CTV Toronto's Naomi Parness on Tuesday reported that some demonstrators plan to arrive in Toronto a week before the summit begins, as they take part in preparations and workshops.

As protesters are preparing, so are police.

Officers have already erected a fence around the Toronto Film Studios site, which is on Eastern Avenue. It will be used as a temporary holding centre for people who are arrested during the protests.

Past G20 summits in other cities have been marked by violent clashes between protesters and police.

But organizer Leslie Wood believes that the demonstrations can be peaceful and productive.

Wood is working with 80 different groups, including the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and Greenpeace.