A guitarist in Prince's band is apologizing to Toronto fans who spent a rainy day waiting in line, hoping to get tickets for a concert that never happened.

In a statement posted on Facebook late Tuesday, 3rdeyegirl guitarist Donna Grantis apologized for a message she sent on Twitter the day before, that led fans to believe Prince would be performing a "secret" show in Toronto.

"For all those who waited in line, I apologize for any disappointment caused by the confusion," the Mississauga native wrote on her Facebook page.

Fans who had waited in line commented on Grantis' post. Most of them thanked her for the apology, but some were less forgiving.

"Very very disappointing," one woman wrote, calling it a "terrible" way to treat fans.

Another wrote: "Sorry but let your boss know… Too little too late."

The concert rumours were sparked by a message posted on the band's Twitter page that said there would be a "purple high" on Nov. 4 in "OTNOROT."

The tweet was posted at 6 a.m., and deleted by 8 a.m., but was captured in fans' retweets. Adding to the confusion, Ticketmaster had an online listing for a Prince concert at Massey Hall on Nov. 4.

By noon, a lineup of fans stretched two blocks from the historic downtown venue, despite the rain and cold. Many told CTV Toronto they'd left work to stand in line for tickets as soon as they heard the news.

Shortly before 3 p.m., Toronto events listing website Live Nation released a statement saying there would not be a concert. Live Nation apologized for posting "incorrect concert information" on its website.

Some fans shared photos on social media of a microphone with a Prince logo, reportedly on stage in the venue, but the company said the only booking at Massey Hall on Tuesday was a production rehearsal.

The statement caused new rumours that the concert would be Wednesday night instead, but a Massey Hall employee said Prince would not be there at all.

On Facebook, Grantis promised a concert sometime in the future.

"Fellow Torontonians, thank you for your love and support today. I can't wait to perform in our great city for you and I hope to make you proud," Grantis wrote.

"We promise to deliver an unforgettable experience when we rock Toronto."