TORONTO -- A new piece of sophisticated technology is being used by fraudsters to scam unsuspecting people over the phone.

Police said a woman in York Region received a call earlier this month and was told by the scammers she had been a victim of identity theft.

Police said the woman was directed to call police and confirm the information. The victim called authorities and believed she had spoken to an officer.

Through the investigation it was revealed that the suspects utilized new line-trapping technology to remain connected to her phone line when she tried to call police.


The technology used by the scammers reconnected her phone line to them instead of the authorities.

Police said the woman lost a quantity of cash and the suspects obtained her personal information. 

How to protect yourself

Police are reminding citizens to be cautious with any calls or e-mails seeking personal information.

"If a situation feels suspicious, trust your instincts," police said in a news release on Thursday. 

"If you wish to confirm a call you receive do so on a delayed time line. Evidence suggests that the line-trapping technology being utilized has a time limit of several minutes."

Police said to call on another line if you are suspicious of being hacked. 

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