Police in Niagara region say an incident that started as a domestic dispute escalated into a police chase and then a suspect vehicle crashing into the front window of Fallsview Casino.

A 51-year-old man was taken in custody early Tuesday morning as a result of the incident.

Authorities say they were first alerted to a suspect by a witness of an assault on a 45-year-old female and her 21-year-old son. Police say a weapon was used in that assault. Authorities refused to disclose how the victims and suspect know each other but said the woman and young man suffered serious but non life-threatening injuries.

As officers headed towards the home where the assault took place, they got a second call about a man who drove a pick-up truck into a parked vehicle.

The officers who were dispatched to the second scene located a suspect in a vehicle. However, as they approached him for questioning, police say the suspect drove off, leading officers on a four-kilometre pursuit.

The police chase ended when the pick-up truck was seen driving straight up the entrance ramp at Fallsview Casino and through the front atrium.

Police say the driver continued to drive through the casino, coming to a stop about 70-feet inside the establishment and forcing pedestrians to dive out of harm's way.

No one was injured, according to reports.

A suspect was immediately arrested without further incident and taken into custody.

Police revealed few details about the suspect and did not specify what charges he may be facing.