ORILLIA, Ont. - A report on security at the G8 and G20 summits in 2010 says there was some confusion when Ontario Provincial Police were unexpectedly redeployed to help police in Toronto.

The provincial police report says the force's primary role was perimeter security at the G8 in the Huntsville, Ont., area.

When violence and vandalism erupted in Toronto on June 26, 2010, provincial police were called in to bolster the G20 interdiction zone in Toronto.

The report says there was confusion because it was not clear if the provincial police officers were supporting Toronto police or the RCMP.

The report states about 650 officers worked 20 hours straight without meals and multiple accommodation was booked for them because of communications and logistics disconnects.

The report makes 91 recommendations, many dealing with earlier and more inclusive planning, should a similar event ever be held again in Ontario.

Should multiple major events occur simultaneously in the future, "greater planning should be undertaken for the emergent redeployment of officers between theatres of operation," the 53-page report said.

This planning should include clear command and control and logistical co-ordination to ensure proper communication and support for officers.

The report also recommends greater use of social media during major events such as the G8-G20, saying there was minimal use of Twitter and Facebook during the planning phase.

"A more aggressive approach would have helped to counter rumours ... during the operational phase by adding to the number of followers and friends," the report said.