TORONTO -- A Kitchener, Ont. man said that when he got a call from someone claiming to be from his credit card’s fraud department, he believed them because they already had a lot of his personal information.

“They had my credit card number, my current balance and my birthday," Nadeem Bashir said.

Bashir said about three months ago he got the call from someone who claimed to be checking to make sure there weren’t fraudulent transactions on his Walmart MasterCard.

“The person said they are calling from the Walmart fraud department and he said there were a few transactions they wanted to verify.”

Following the call Bashir became concerned and called the phone number on the back of his credit card.

He was told no one from his credit card had called him.

The scammers used additional information provided by Bashir to transfer almost $5,300 to Bangkok, Thailand.

Bashir was told since he gave out information to the scammers he would be responsible for the charges.

“I can’t pay it. I lost my job. I'm very upset. I don't know what to do," he said.

Ryan Duquette a cyber security expert with RSM Canada said it’s getting harder for the public to determine if it’s real or fake when they get a call from someone claiming to be with their bank or credit card.

“Unfortunately we are putting out too much information into the public realm and it's not that hard to get somebody's (credit card) balance. All you need is a credit card number and a date of birth" said Duquette.

Duquette said criminals are constantly scouring the web for pieces of information they can use to make them seem credible. He says if you get a call from someone claiming to be with your bank or credit card, don't provide them with anything.

“Take the information down the attacker is giving you, but do not give them anything. If you have to call back, don't do it on a number they give you, do it on one that you know is safe" said Duquette.

Walmart MasterCard is issued by Duo Bank. When CTV News contacted Duo Bank on Bashir’s behalf a spokesperson said, “We have followed the industry standard practice of investigating a disputed transaction and have addressed the related concerns with our valued Walmart Rewards MasterCard customer. We are confident that we have satisfactorily addressed the issue.”

Duo Bank agreed to reverse the charges, which was great news for Bashir.

“I feel great now and I am very much relieved,” Bashir said.

Duquette said that consumers have to be more guarded with their personal information and should avoid filling out surveys on social media websites asking for your birthday, street address or the name of your first pet.

It's all information that scammers searching the web could one day use against you.