Over 2,000 elementary school students across Toronto are spending their summer enrolled in international language and culture classes.

The Toronto District School Board offers classes in 17 different languages at 12 different sites across the city to help children expand their knowledge of language and culture.

The number of summer school students enrolled in the international language programs at the TDSB has doubled over the last two years, organizers say. 

These classes are funded by the Ministry of Education and there is no cost for students to enroll. 

Organizers of the summer program say students spend the morning working on reading and writing in various languages and then shift gears in the afternoon to focus on cultural activities. 


“It’s not only first generation newcomers but it’s second and third generation young parents who want their children to understand their cultural and linguistic background,” says Karen Falconer, the Executive Superintendent of International Education. 

Community volunteers immerse the students in cultural activities like dancing, playing instruments and learning cultural mannerisms. 

With a report from CTV’s Naomi Parness.