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Zuraidah Alman

Anchor, CTV NEWS AT 11:30, Reporter, CTV Toronto

Zuraidah Alman is Anchor of Toronto’s #1 late-night newscast,CTV NEWS AT 11:30. A familiar face to CTV News viewers as a reporter and fill-in anchor, Alman has been with the CTV News team since 2008.

Alman has worked as a journalist in Toronto for more than a decade. Prior to joining the CTV Torontoteam, Zuraidah worked for Global TV, anchoring the morning and noon news and reporting for the supper hour broadcast. She has also worked as a reporter for CityTV and anchor for CP24. Stories Alman has covered include the 2005 Boxing Day shootings, the Caledonia blockades and the Air France crash.

Alman attended Ryerson University where she earned a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Journalism, and York University where she graduated with honours from undergraduate studies in Political Science.

In 2010, Alman gave birth to a daughter named Mackenzie Elizabeth. She, her husband and daughter live in Toronto.

Follow her on Twitter: @ZuraiahCTV