So just where does one begin when it comes to a life-changing journey like this? What do I have to say, and perhaps more realistically, who really wants to hear about it?

I guess, if nothing else, there may be one person -- just one, who may be dealing with a similar challenge in life. Maybe he or she will find comfort in knowing indeed they are not alone. Stuff like this happens every second, of every day. Yes, of course, you think ‘Why Me’? I say -- it may be more appropriate to think ‘Why not me’?

When diagnosed with cancer, any cancer, you are forever inducted into a club. Like it or not, (and who are we kidding -- no one likes it) there is a stigma with cancer.  A dark cloud that only outsiders, looking in, see. As I sit on my soapbox here, let me tell you, it's not always doom and gloom.

Yes there are sad, very sad situations. People and families that endure extremely painful, traumatic conditions, illness that my diagnosis pales in comparison with. However it’s important that we also talk about the many positive outcomes: the treatments, the remissions -- and yes, the cures. People do beat cancer; it happens all the time -- they live long, redefined lives. Dare I say, even more fulfilling lives.

No, of course, you don’t wish for it ... but you deal with it. As a friend of mine, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, said, “it sucks!” She’s right -- it does suck. At that very moment you hear the word “cancer” your life, as you know it comes to a screeching stop. You make a very sharp LEFT turn, and head straight down a very winding, unfamiliar, bumpy road. Whatever you were doing is put on hold and you have a new mission in life -- to get better.

Thankfully, and I really mean that, I have been diagnosed with a subtype of Hodgkin's Lymphoma that is thought of as a research success story. Extremely gifted people, along with lots of dollars, have figured out how to treat and cure this disease. But it’s far from the only one.

I’m not kidding myself, there will be challenging days ahead. That’s pretty much expected when they drip what is the equivalent of liquid drano in your veins. However, without the bad days you’ll never be able to find and truly appreciate the good ones. I know that sounds contrived and clichéd ... but it’s something I have always believed in.

There are never ever any guarantees in life ... from here on, I will make each day count ... let the journey begin...

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
~Winston Churchill