Metrolinx is preparing to roll out a new service that will allow customers to skip the supermarket and pick up their groceries at GO Transit stations.

The new PC Express service, which is being offered in partnership with Loblaws, will give commuters the option to shop for their groceries online and pick them up at select GO Transit stations.

Metrolinx has confirmed that the first phase of the rollout will see the PC Express service offered at five GO Stations, including Bronte, Oakville, Clarkson, Rouge Hill, and Whitby.

The service will be expanded to other GO Stations when the initial phase is complete.

Metrolinx spokesperson Vanessa Barrasa said the service should be up and running at the five stations within the next month.

“People at various stations that are getting them will start to see some of the construction in certain areas,” she said.

The groceries, Mextrolix said, will come from nearby Fortinos or Loblaws stores.

Metrolinx said different methods of delivery will be tested, including a special delivery truck, lockers, and an enclosed kiosk.

“We are going to see which ones work best and then we are going to be able to move it forward after a little bit of a pilot,” Barassa said.

In a news release, Metrolinx President and CEO Phil Verster said the project is the first of its kind in Canada.

“Our customers lead busy lives and this exciting new service… will make their trips home that much quicker,” he said in the written statement. “There will now be a new benefit to taking the GO train.”