The parents of a young boy who was killed after being struck by lightning in a Brampton, Ont. park earlier this month held a special memorial for their son over the weekend.

Dulce and Oral Caines, surrounded by dozens of family members, went to the park late Saturday afternoon. They stood at the very spot where their son was struck and released helium balloons into the sky.

Each balloon had a special message to five-year-old Kyus Caines written inside.

Kyus, his mother and a three-year-old playmate were struck by lightning Aug. 12 while playing at Centennial Park.

Kyus, who was carrying a metal scooter over his shoulder when he was struck, suffered the brunt of the injuries. His parents took him off life support on Thursday and the boy died Friday morning.

The boy's parents donated their son's kidneys.

"We felt that he wasn't going to make it regardless but another family doesn't have to go through this," Dulce Caines said through her tears. "Whoever got them is going to be strong, because he's very strong."

The boy's family remembered Kyus as a little daredevil who loved making people laugh.

"God wanted him, I guess they wanted him up there to make them laugh," said Oral Caines.

The Caines family also made a plea for the return of a video cartridge that was stolen from Kyus's aunt's house on July 3.

The video contained footage from Kyus's kindergarten graduation ceremony. It's the last video footage the family shot of the young boy.

"We don't want the camera, just the hard drive so we can have the video from him," Kyus's mom told reporters. "This is the last video we have of him pretty much."