Incoming Mayor John Tory's new council team, including the all-powerful executive, has been unveiled as he prepares to formally take office this week.

A source from the mayor’s office said Denzil Minnan-Wong will serve as deputy mayor. Tory is also seeking to appoint three other deputy mayors, subject to council approval. They are: Vincent Crisanti, Glenn De Baeremaeker and Pam McConnell.

The deputy mayors will be expected to act in a ceremonial capacity, representing the mayor at events in different regions of the city.

Tory’s all-powerful executive committee has also been revealed:

  • James Pasternak
  • Paul Ainslie
  • Michelle Berardinetti
  • Ana Bailao
  • Mary-Margaret McMahon
  • Frank Di Giorgio
  • Gary Crawford
  • Cesar Palacio
  • Jaye Robinson
  • David Shiner
  • Michael Thompson

Tory is set to take office Monday, and will be sworn in, along with the rest of Toronto city council, on Tuesday.