Ontario's Special Investigation's Unit has identified the man who died after being shot last Friday.

Michael Eligon, 29, was shot on Milverton Boulevard in the Coxwell Avenue and Danforth Road area, while wearing a hospital gown.

The SIU said on Monday that there was an interaction between Eligon and Toronto police and at some point Eligon was fatally shot.

He was taken to St. Michael's Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The confrontation came after police received reports involving a man with scissors. CTV Toronto's Austin Delaney said the victim was clothed only in a hospital robe and had escaped from nearby East York General Hospital.

Witnesses told CTV Toronto they saw a "concentration" of officers trying to restrain a man and one officer fire three shots at point-blank range.

The SIU has designated one officer the subject of the investigation and have identified 10 witness officers.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the lead investigator at 416-622-1898 or 1-800-787-8529 ext. 1898.