Foreign Minister Peter MacKay is expected to discuss the death of a Toronto-area teen killed while vacationing in Acapulco when he talks with his Mexican counterpart tonight.

The telephone conversation was delayed because Mexico Secretary of Foreign Affairs Patricia Espinosa was travelling earlier in the day.

Before Christmas, MacKay brought up the case of Domenic and Nancy Ianiero, the Woodbridge, Ont. couple murdered at a Cancun-area resort last February.

On Monday, he was to raise what he called "ongoing concerns" in the case of 19-year-old Adam DePrisco, who was killed last week in Acapulco.

Mexican authorities have said DePrisco was the victim of a hit-and-run accident, and an autopsy conducted in Toronto reportedly supports that conclusion.

But DePrisco's family and travel companion say the results don't add up.

They believe DePrisco died after locals beat him outside a popular Acapulco nightclub on Jan. 7 and accuse Ottawa of not doing enough to get to the truth.

"I haven't heard a word from Peter, nor at this time do I wish to hear from him," DePrisco's uncle, Sandro Bellio, told Canada AM on Monday. "You've got nine days after the fact and no investigation on the Mexico side."

"Peter MacKay's talking about that he's contacted me or the family and he's going to have a meeting with the Mexicans... What for? There's no investigation. There's no paperwork. There's nothing."

While Bellio said he didn't see secondary injuries to DePrisco's body when he went to Mexico, a Mexican autopsy report obtained by CTV News shows other injuries to the teen's body were documented.

According to the report, the areas injured include DePrisco's arm, knee and abdomen.

But a forensic expert there told CTV News he was sharply critical of the Mexican autopsy report.

"There are a lot of mistakes," said Dr. Alejandro Escobar, a former coroner in Acapulco, adding that the Mexican autopsy didn't provide enough detail to prove anything.

"The big mistake here was that they didn't describe deeply all the injuries on the surface of the body," he said.

On Sunday, DePrisco's mother Carmen said her son's killing leaves her with contempt for her country and her government.

"I hate being a Canadian because I haven't seen nobody, nobody from the government doing anything at all," she said. "They don't care."

MacKay, however, insists Ottawa is helping as much as it can.

Authorities are expected to release DePrisco's body to his family early next week. Relatives plan to have an open casket and a public funeral.

DePrisco's death comes nearly a year after the Ianiero murders, which remain unsolved.

Since 1994, 28 Canadians have been killed in Mexico. About half those deaths have occurred in the past five years.

With files from The Canadian Press