Libraries across Toronto reopened Friday after members of the union representing striking library workers accepted a new contract and ended a 10-day strike.

Members of CUPE Local 4948 had been on strike since March 19 and libraries were closed during that time. Members voted Thursday night to accept an offer from the city.

CUPE Local 4948 representatives said they were able to fight back all concessions on benefits, noting this is particularly important for the library's many part-time workers.

"I'm happy we achieved what we wanted to achieve, and I feel much more secure now as a worker," said librarian Ra Dajkovich-Graham. "This is where I've been living for the last 30 years."

The union, which represents about 2,300 members, listed some of the key points in the new agreement, including:

  • No concessions to benefits. Benefits for part-time workers will be more customized to suit their working conditions.
  • The board did not convert any full-time positions to part-time.
  • A modest number of full-time opportunities will be created over the course of the agreement.

The board's desired cuts to employment security will only affect employees with less than 11 years seniority.

With files from CTV Toronto's Natalie Johnson