Jurors heard testimony that the accused in a love-triangle murder first mused about killing her allegedly abusive boyfriend in late 2005.

They heard the story Wednesday from Ashleigh Pechaluk, former lover of Nicola Puddicombe, 36, who is on trial for first-degree murder.

On Oct. 27, 2006, Dennis Hoy died violently as he lay in bed, having been bludgeoned by an axe.

Pechaluk faced trial in connection with his death, but is now testifying for the Crown against Puddicombe. As she entered court, Pechaluk described her mood as being a little nervous, "but it's going to be over soon."

In response to questions from the Crown attorney, Pechaluk described her reaction to the revelation that Puddicombe wanted Hoy dead as somewhat shocking, but also justifiable.

In earlier testimony, Pechaluk, who is 11 years younger than Puddicombe, painted a negative picture of Hoy. She has described him as controlling, mean and abusive individual.

However, Puddicombe also seemed to be torn in her feelings towards Hoy, saying, "She loved a certain part and hated another."

Puddicombe also "told me that she cooked for (Hoy) all the time and that she could put something in his food," Pechaluk said.

The Crown's theory is that Puddicombe and Pechaluk had hatched a plot to kill Hoy, a GO Transit officer, for his life insurance and pension money.

The Crown has said it will show that Puddicombe was deeply in debt and made a claim on the insurance money four days after Hoy died.

Pechaluk will be back on the stand on Thursday.

With files from the Toronto Star and CTV Toronto's Chris Eby