TORONTO - The personal information of Ontario residents who apply for hunting and fishing licences is being stored in the United States, where it is subject to the American Patriot Act.

A Tennessee-based company won the contract to implement an automated licensing system for Ontario for hunters and fishers, and stores the personal data it collects in the United States.

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters says its 100,000 members are "deeply concerned" about the potential loss of privacy inherent in having their personal data stored in the U.S.

Natural Resources Minister Michael Gravelle says the firm, Active Outdoors, signed a contract with very specific terms on abiding by Ontario law to protect personal information.

However, the anglers and hunters worry Homeland Security will use the Patriot Act to access the personal data of Ontarians that is stored in the U.S.

The Progressive Conservatives say the data should be stored in Ontario, while the NDP say the issue is another reason why they flatly oppose privatization of government services.