A 13-year-old girl was escorted off TTC property and arrested Friday after she was caught lounging on top of a parked subway train.

In photos shared to social media, the teen is seen scrolling on her phone and taking a nap using a backpack for a pillow on top of a train at the Davisville train yards near Yonge Street and Davisville Avenue.

“hey @ttc someone's sleeping on a train @ davisville train yard?!?,” passerby Christopher Wagner tweeted at the TTC along with the photos.

The transit agency responded by dispatching special constables to escort the girl off the property. She was then turned over to Toronto police officers, who arrested her.

Speaking with CP24, TTC Spokesperson Stuart Green called the move “very risky.”

“Today’s incident was very dangerous. Trespassing on our property is very, very risky,” Green said.

He said the TTC had to cut power to the yard so that the special constables could safely remove the woman.

“In today’s incident we had to cut some power to get in there to get her out and that resulted in some short delays to customers but it could have been much, much worse,” Green said. “There’s 600 volts of power running through the third rails.”

It’s still not clear why the teen decided to hop on top of the train.

“We don’t know what her motivation was, all we know is that it’s incredibly dangerous and we would hope to never see a repeat of something like that,” Green said.

Police are investigating the incident and said the teen will be released through a youth pre-charge diversion program.

This isn’t the first time that trespassers have caused a stir on TTC property. Last summer amid the Pokemon Go craze, a young man was fined $425 after jumping onto subway tracks at a station to film part a video about the gaming craze.

Green said there were around 167 incidents of people trespassing on subway tracks last year, resulting in about 26 hours of delays.

More recently police in the GTA have warned pranksters against a new fad where young people sneak up on construction cranes to take pictures for social media.