Excuses which can lead to the cancellation of a parking ticket are detailed in a once confidential guidelines release by Toronto city hall officials.

The 18-page document suggests that parking enforcement officers can decide not to issue a ticket when faced with a driver who names medical reasons, age, unusual circumstances and ignorance of a by-law as a reason for parking illegally.

"Where sufficient explanation and/or documentation are presented and it is reasonable to assume the circumstances outlined are likely to have occurred, staff is expected to give the recipient the benefit of any doubt. Where no prior tag history is evident, staff is encouraged to withdraw the ticket," the manual states.

"Our responsibility is to provide information to the public and to ensure that matters going to trial are of a significant nature."

Those attending religious services, city councillors on "City business," fast food deliveries, nursing agencies, utility trucks, taxis, tour buses and security vehicles are also privy to some consideration for canceling a ticket.

Out of province drivers can escape conviction because "ownership information cannot be obtained in time to process (a) request for trial."

But, the document instructs, "accept payment if offered."

Those seeking to have a ticket cancelled must often provide documentation supporting their excuse.