The Halton Hills Public Library is promoting a novel idea that officials say is part of the organization’s effort to go green.

The library has introduced wooden library cards made of 100 per cent Nordic Birch wood harvested from sustainably managed forests. The manufacturing of the cards uses 30 per cent less energy than traditional plastic cards.

Director of Library Services and CultureJane Diamanti said she'd love it if the estimated 20,000 plastic library cards in circulation were switched over to the wooden models.

"If we can replace those cards with something that's more environmentally friendly, I would be really proud of that," Diamanti told CTV Toronto.

Meanwhile, some library users are pleased to switch over to the greener cards, which were introduced late last month.

"We want to live in a healthy environment and I think going from plastic to wooden is safer for our environment," one Grade 8 student said.

With a report from CTV Toronto