TORONTO -- Four people are facing charges after glass liquor bottles were allegedly hurled off a 35th-floor balcony onto the street during a party at a short-term rental unit in downtown Toronto Sunday afternoon.

Officers responded to a condo building in the York Street and Lake Shore Boulevard area just after 2:30 p.m. for reports of a large gathering.

When police arrived, they witnessed bottles being thrown off of the balcony to the road below and immediately closed York Street in both directions. Most of the bottles landed on a store awning below, police said, but some ended up on the street.

"When our officers arrived on the scene immediately, they recognize that there's pedestrian safety and they tried to block off the road right away to make sure nobody was going to get injured," Const. Laura Brabant told CP24 Sunday evening.

"And when they did that, they themselves became targets of the bottles that were being thrown from this building."

Brabant said officers immediately went to the 35th floor, entered a unit and located multiple people inside who "appeared to be having a party."

"With the assistance of members of the public who provided video evidence and photographs, we were able to identify four men who have been charged criminally," she said.

Three of the men are from Toronto and one is a Hamilton resident. They have each been charged with common nuisance, mischief endangering life, assault peace officer with a weapon, and unlawfully possess scheduled 1.

In addition, seven people were also charged with failing to comply with the emergency orders under the Reopening Ontario Act. Toronto is currently under a stay-at-home order that prohibits people from gathering indoors with people not from their own household.

There were no injuries reported.

"Throwing anything off the balcony, it's reckless, it's irresponsible, and you don't realize the damage that you could cause to somebody or even if they hit a vehicle, you don't realize the damage," Brabant said.

"Lots of people were outside during the day, enjoying the nice weather—lots of pedestrian traffic. People were getting fresh air. Anyone could have been hurt during this incident."

Brabant said the alleged party began Saturday evening and went all night long. She noted that several bottles were also tossed off of the balcony at the time.

York Street was closed for the police investigation and clean up as there was a lot of debris from the bottles thrown. It has since reopened.

"If anybody was hit by those bottles, the damage it would have been deadly," Brabant said.