A 40-year-old man is in hospital this morning after a shooting outside a housing complex in Etobicoke.

It happened on Scarlettwood Court, in the area of Lawrence Avenue and Scarlett Road, shortly after 3 a.m.

The victim, who has been identified by friends and family as 40-year-old Lerry Richardson, was apparently on a bicycle when he was shot three times in the lower body.

He sustained serious injuries to his lower body, police say, but he is expected to survive.

Approximately 10 shots were fired during the incident, investigators confirmed.

Police have not released information on possible suspects but say they are reviewing security camera footage at the complex.

The mother of the victim's three children spoke to CP24 at the scene and says Richardson works as a landscaper and has no ties to gang activity.

"When I was in my bed, I heard 'blop, blop, blop, blop, blop, blop, blop.' It was seven. I came out here and saw him on the ground, she said.

"He wasn't screaming, he wasn't crying. Until he took his arms and crawled from over there into my yard and we helped him, we realized he was shot."

She said that his injuries are so severe that he may not be able to walk again.

The new local councillor, Michael Ford, was on the scene this morning to meet with residents in the area.

"We're going to be going around the complex, making sure everyone is okay and ask how the city has be of any assistance to them. We know that stuff like this is very troubling for communities," Coun. Ford told CTV Toronto.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact Toronto police or Crime Stoppers.