A pair of custom shoes rapper Drake gave away at a recent Toronto Raptors game has been sold on eBay, for a bid of more than $109,000.

The shoes were posted for sale on the Internet auction site Monday, with an invitation for potential buyers to start the bidding at $300.

When the auction closed Wednesday evening, eBay indicates that it took 33 bidders a total of 92 bids to drive the selling price past the $100,000 mark.

According to the seller's description of the black, size 11, custom Air Jordan basketball shoes, "I received them from Drake himself at Drake night at the Raptors. Drake was seen wearing the same ones at the game that night."

According to eBay's policies, however, the shoes' authenticity can't be guaranteed.

Drake, who was recently named “global ambassador” for Toronto's NBA franchise, gave two pairs of the shoes embossed with his personal owl logo during a home game last Saturday night.

Every ticket holder who attended the game at the Air Canada Centre that night went home with a limited-edition Drake Night T-shirt, many of which are also up for sale on eBay.

Another pair of shoes a seller says came from Drake are still attracting bids in a separate eBay auction slated to end next Tuesday. So far, bidding on those shoes has hit the US$99,000 mark.