Dozens of cyclists rode solemnly through Cabbagetown Friday to remember a young Toronto man fatally hit by a car while on an epic bike ride.

Charlie Prinsep, 23, was on the second leg of a summer cycling journey he dubbed "The Double Cross" when he was struck and killed in Alberta earlier this month.

Prinsep had already completed his first "cross", cycling from Vancouver to San Diego, Calif. and was on his second, from Vancouver to Toronto, when he was hit on the Trans-Canada Highway east of Calgary.

Prinsep, a committed bike commuter, kept a detailed blog of his journey. The avid environmentalist took snapshots of North American countryside, and thoroughly documented his trip online up to five days before his death.

His brother, who was among those cycling to commemorate Prinsep's life, said the young man died doing what he loved best.

"He was carefree, he was gung ho, he was really dedicated to his passions -- and cycling was his favorite," Thoby Prinsep said.

One of Charlie Prinsep's friends said the aspiring urban planner was concerned about congestion in cities, and wanted people to feel secure making their way around Toronto.

"He definitely wanted to make sure people had a safe way to get to school, a safe way to get to work and a safe way to enjoy themselves in an urban center," Martin Reis said.

Thoby Prinsep said all the people who came out for the downtown cycling tribute added a chapter of hope to a tragic tale of a young man who died far too early.

"As horrible as it is, it's really good to have the support and see my friend, my brother, has touched a lot of people."

With a report from CTV's Carol Charles