TORONTO - Nine men were ordered off a Sunwing aircraft destined for Cuba earlier this week after asking a flight attendant unusual questions about the security equipment on the plane.

The men, onboard a flight from Toronto to Holguin, Cuba, on Tuesday were taken off the plane before the aircraft ever left Pearson Airport in Toronto.

A spokeswoman for Sunwing Aircraft says the men were asking "most unusual" questions as the plane taxied to the runway.

Martha Chapman says after the flight attendant consulted with the senior captain, the airline's head of security advised the crew to return to the gate and have the passengers deplaned.

The plane taxied back, where the men were met by Peel Regional Police and the Canadian Border Security Agency.

Their bags were taken off the plane and the aircraft took off an hour and forty minutes late.

The airline will not reveal what questions were asked, other than to say they were "very specific", "most unusual", and pertaining to the security equipment onboard.

Chapman says "In today's atmosphere of heightened security, I think that most airlines would be considered doing the wise thing if they were to deplane passengers that were asking these specific questions."

The airline processed a complete refund to the men.